New CSAS v2.4 with Fast Time

CSAS v2.4 brings unrivalled functionality

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The release of CSAS Desktop v2.4 confirms its ‘best in class’ status with innovative new functionality including:

– An updated floating licence server that provides management statistics on the usage of the licences

Fast Time: even faster and more streamlined import, attribution and reporting capability that leaves other software solutions in the dust

Live Trace: enabling users to manually update maps in real time as part of live investigations

– Mapping call labels: more editing options to ensure that onscreen maps automatically look as similar as possible to the maps users create in Powerpoint

– Multiple additional features in CSAS Mapping

– Further parsing updates to deal with recently released CDR formats

This updated version is available to existing users through our support portal at | CSAS Support: 0800 158 3830 |

If you would like to see CSAS v2.4 in action, book your free, no obligation demo: 0800 158 3830 |