Quality Policy

“We are proud that we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, the most recognised and widely adopted international quality management systems standard. This is a testament to our methodical approach, sound decision making and hard work.  We take our commitment to quality seriously.  We work with the utmost integrity and consistently strive to deliver outstanding products and service to our customers.”

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Forensic Analytics provides digital forensic software, equipment, support, training as well as consultancy and advisory services to public and private sector organisations.

This policy supports delivery of Forensic Analytics’ corporate objectives. To ensure that these objectives are achieved, a formal Quality Management System (QMS) has
been implemented.

The QMS is defined by relevant legislation, regulation, standards, policies, and processes to meet the requirements of our customers, stakeholders, staff and other interested parties. The QMS encompasses critical company functions and activities that support the development and delivery of quality products and services.

It is only through consistent and diligent application of the system that the continuing needs and expectations of customers can be met, improved and the long-term success of our business assured.

Therefore, Forensic Analytics is committed to:

We ensure employees, contractors and consultants working for or on behalf of Forensic Analytics are committed to:

The Quality Policy is communicated and applied at all levels within the company. It is made available upon request to investors, customers, service providers, subcontractors, other interested parties and is published on the company website.

Forensic Analytics demonstrates the effectiveness of the QMS by conformance with and certification to the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

This Quality Policy is authorised by Steve Rick, Chief Executive of Forensic Analytics and is subject to regular review to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.